Yes, volunteering it's good for you

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Two of the oldest sayings known to man are "Do not do unto others as you would expect they should do unto you" and "It's better to receive than to give". Sadly, quite a number of people have forgotten the true meanings of these adages. Today, a lot of individuals concentrate on making their personal ambitions come true; become financially successful, finding instant gratification, or any other self-rewarding kind of behaviors. Most of us seek ways to make ourselves comfortable without thinking of other people's lives.

Helping others is our second streamates instinct.

A human being's primal instinct consists of self-protection and self-preservation. Thus, we haven't really changed to a great extent. It's natural that we consider ourselves first before the others. So we seek ways to achieve our personal Livejasmin goals in life. However, our feelings for other people will always be there. This is because helping others is our second basic instinct.

Usually, different thoughts for the others arise within us. For Jasmin Live instance, we like to become part of serving our society because we feel bad if we see those who have suffered greatly from poverty, different calamities, serious illnesses, etc. Thus, we volunteer ourselves to become part of a jasminlive organization with a noble cause so we feel better by doing something for others. Why becoming a volunteer is great?To volunteer indeed leaves us a great feeling that we act for the sake of others.

Volunteering for a worthy cause is one of the best jasmincams ways to utilize our spare time because not only are we helping those who are in need, but it will also help us in understanding the difficulties and problems of life. If we take a closer look on these problems, we might find probable solutions that would deal further difficult situations in the future. Volunteering is a self-satisfying act and perhaps the most effective eye-opener in a lot of senses. It offers us an excellent opportunity to convey our thought to others; we can further discuss great jasmin cam ideas and views with the people we are working with to be able maximize our help. Although we may never be financially rewarded out of volunteering, our reward is actually far better than money. We achieve valuable experiences that will generally help us in making our lives lived well.

How to become a volunteer?

To become a volunteer, we can always register ourselves with many different non-profit organizations. Or if are you are not inclined to join in the jasminelive organizations available to us, you could always start your own service cause and ask people with the same cause to join your organization and accomplish a common goal. Usually though, joining with a non-profit organization is considered as the best way to carry out our social ambitions. Some organizations serve internationally to provide you with a global experience of public service. To become a global volunteer offers you a wider perspective on the society as a whole.

Normally, global non-profit organizations offer both types of public service. Either you work as a full-time volunteer or just part-time. If you wish to become a full-time volunteer, a non-profit organization is always welcome in offering you its on-going projects for the people around the world. However, if you prefer working as apart-time, there are available part-time social projects designed for the holiday seasons only. The choice will always be up to you and the capacity to help will always be the same as long as you put your heart into it.

The wonders of volunteering.

The experience of becoming a volunteer for a noble cause is truly remarkable. When we volunteer, there will always be a great feeling that surrounds us. We feel content and a better understanding on the true meaning of life. It also helps us to be closer to others' lives and their needs. These one-of-a-kind moments are valuable to our very core, for the reason that they accomplish part of our existence to be here: to change paths from the "me" category and, even just for a brief moment, be grateful for the happiness and hope we can bring to those who have lead unfortunate lives -- by merely paying them of our attention, and simply by the act of sharing and helping.

Volunteer Recognition and Motivation

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Motivation is the driving force behind every volunteer. There are various theories for motivation. Each theory is unique and provides an explanation why volunteers do what they do despite the circumstances. The "need hierarchy theory, " also called "Maslow's hierarchy of needs, " is the most widely discussed theory for motivation; it can also answer the reasons why people volunteer. Maslow's theory states that people become motivated based on their needs: Physiology, Safety & Security, Belongingness, Self-esteem and Self-actualization.

Hunger and thirst fall under the basic Physiological need. According to a World Health Organization study, 100,000 people die every day from hunger-related causes. Some people who are comfortable with the basic needs become passionate to give something back to society. Therefore, people who are "blessed" have a certain empathy to volunteer. Furthermore, this social empathy rings true to safety and security as well; some volunteers go to extraordinary lengths even risk their lives to provide protection and shelter.

Belongingness is the universal need to be an accepted member of a group. Consequently, volunteering opens the door to meet people and develop friendships from different cultures. Building self-esteem through genuine recognition of their contribution draws many people to volunteer.

A textbook definition of self actualization is "the full realization of one's potential." The combination of meeting all the needs for motivation in volunteerism leads to achieving self-actualization. In summary, unbeknown to the volunteer, motivation plays an integral part in the volunteer spirit.

Volunteer work can be as simple as greeting kids at a reception hall to the risky and dangerous firefighting. People volunteer for many reasons. The main thing is that volunteers have fun! Whether it's being an effective role model to the community, or its making a world of difference. Volunteering is the answer for an extremely rewarding experience.

Volunteet benefits

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In spite of the fact that I have a great paying job, a prestigious title, and a fabulous business partner, my true rewards in life come from the many outstanding organizations at which I am a volunteer.

I have been a proud volunteer firefighter for over 20 years. Most people do not know that there are nearly 800,000 volunteer firefighters in America and that they represent nearly 90% of all the brave firefighters in the country. I have heard that the CEO's of large brokerage houses on Wall Street have incomes which earn them millions of dollars a year. That doesn't hold a candle to what a volunteer firefighter "makes". We get to have a profound and positive impact on the lives of people we do not even know, and we do so everyday.

As the arriving ranking officer at a significant multi-car motor vehicle accident, standard operating procedures required that I should provide an overall assessment of the situation, immediately triage the most severely injured parties, implement an action plan, and then identify the resources needed to rescue trapped personnel.

However, when I approached the accident scene, I noticed a very distraught small boy, who was unharmed, but trapped in his car seat in the rear of a crumbled minivan. I handed off "Command" and in an instant I was no longer a fire chief. I became a surrogate dad. I chatted briefly with the child to calm him down and radioed for someone to bring me a teddy bear (which we carry on all our fire apparatus for such occasions.)

As small children can do, he looked me straight in the eye and asked "Is my mommy going to be OK?" Now truth be told, his mother was in tough shape. I simply responded, "I've got my best people working to help your Mom." Now in a calm voice he replied "Good! Because I know that you and your firemen will take the bestest care of me and my mommy". Now the guys on Wall Street may make the big bucks, but how I just got "paid" is beyond calculation. Footnote: I stayed in the backseat with my new friend during the entire time his mom was being extricated and thankfully she did survive her injuries.

We hear a lot of talk these days about the X generation, or the 'my' generation, and that the world is going to hell in a hand basket. I'm here to say that isn't entirely accurate. Stop by your local firehouse and just say thank you. You will see groups of young men and women who enthusiastically commit to taking copious amounts of required training, who spend endless hours meticulously maintaining their equipment, and who are willing to role out of bed on a cold February morning to respond to an alarm that is highly likely to be a false one.

How do you motivate the youth of the next generation to perform such acts? It's really pretty simple. At West Point, the cadets are taught Duty, Honor, and Country. In the fire service, our troops are taught professionalism, commitment, and esprit d'corps.

So now it's your turn. Identify a project or organization that you are passionate about and find a way to volunteer your time to support it. You will find it to be enormously rewarding.

If you want to have the best 'paying' job on the planet, it's simple...just volunteer.

First step to a great job in the future

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Take a look at your CV. Is it limited to your professional experience and education? While some volunteer experiences may not be relevant to your résumé, volunteering presents you with a network of people who can attest to your performance (and readily recommend you for jobs), as well as keeps you "fresh" in skill sets between jobs. Of course, volunteering is also an excellent way to give back to those in need and, if you're between jobs, a great way to keep you focused and positive.

One of the biggest areas of concern for job seekers and hiring managers is gaps on a résumé. While the job seeker is concerned that an employment gap will be inaccurately perceived by an employer as "vacation," the hiring manager may ask, "Exactly what did Joe Candidate do while he was unemployed?" Doing nothing, in the potential employer's mind, could indicate that skill sets deteriorated, the potential employee grew "out of touch" with the workplace (and therefore might have a difficult time transitioning back), or simply lacked motivation (and would, as a result, lack the same motivation for getting the job done for the employer). Even though volunteer work is not paid work, the benefiting organizations need work at the same level of skill and expertise that "paying" companies need. A volunteer who does this work, on a limited budget and successfully, is one who is staying workplace ready.

Another benefit of volunteering is the extension of your job seeking network. Whether you're unemployed or considering a job change, if you have a good relationship with other volunteers (who may be employed or know people at companies in which you're interested), the board of directors (they're definitely well connected), and the paid staff of the organization (ready-made references), you have people who are ready, willing and able to help you get your foot in the door at a lot of new places. All you need to do is put the word out that you're looking.

Don't wait to volunteer. If your time is limited, volunteer one or two hours per week to start. Do more than show up at meetings. Get involved in a committee or committees that can use your current skill set or in which you can explore a new area or interest. You never know where it may lead you in your career.

Volunteer management

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Volunteer management is about making a wonderful first impression on your new volunteers as an integral part of your volunteer recruitment plan.

The First Four Minutes

In those vital first four minutes of meeting someone we actually gain a first impression that can last for a lifetime. So when a person has decided to join up, what are their first impressions of you and your organization? You only have one chance to make a great impression. So here is 10 quick tips on the power of a great first impression for new volunteers.

1. The Importance Of First Impressions

First impressions can make or break the volunteering experience. Make no mistake - the first few contact days are crucial for a new volunteer deciding whether to stay with you or stay away. Aspire to make your new volunteers immediately feel a sense of inclusiveness, connectedness and belonging. The sooner a volunteer feels like they belong, the longer they are retained and feel recognized.

2. Am I Going To Want To Stay Here?

Can you still remember your first day at your first job? Most people can and still feel the same emotions when recalling it years after. When your new volunteers or members ask themselves two questions, Have I made the right decision in volunteering here? and Am I going to like it here? Ensure the answer is a resounding YES.

3. We Are Looking Forward To You Joining Us

Go further than the welcome when new recruits arrive - get in before they arrive. Call them before they start to check how they are and whether they have any queries. Remind them of how much you are looking forward to their coming on board soon. That should help with any last minute cold feet! But if you haven't got time to do that - then have a 'pre-start volunteer' who rings all newly starting volunteers.

4. Welcome And Here's A Standing Ovation

Make their first time totally memorable for all the right reasons. Have you ever experienced the feeling of receiving a standing ovation? How memorable would it be for your new volunteers on their first day on-site to be greeted not just with a nod and a smile, but with a thunderous standing ovation from their new colleagues? How is this for volunteer recognition>

5. Such A Pretty Picture

How about putting a photo of the new star recruit in the reception area when they come in on their first day? Also, if you have a noticeboard that has a display showing pictures of your volunteers, then add the new recruits picture to the board and make sure to point it out to them.

6. Hello To You And Welcome

Consider designing a special newcomer badge or shirt that every new volunteer wears for their first month. Let everyone else know so that they can all make a point of greeting anyone wearing the new recruits shirt or badge.

7. I Am Hyper-Sensitive Right Now

New volunteers have a heightened sensitivity as they settle in, especially in relation to how they are treated. So pay attention to the small details. Ensure that sense of belonging by providing a place to hang their coat, somewhere to keep their personal belongings safe, access to supplies, a workstation and a place to go and relax.

8. Volunteer Management And Making Me Feel Special

Make sure to follow the advice of Mary Kay Ash, the founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics. Visualize everyone is wearing a sign that says 'please make me feel important and special'. And don't think that using these ideas is going over the top. First impressions count and you want to make them memorable. So few other organizations ever do this and rarely really appreciate people from the very start. If you make people feel special and important from the start, they will stay with you much, much longer.

9. Converting Ideas For Faraway Volunteers

But what if your volunteers are internet based or off-site? You can still take the tips above and convert them to fit for this group too. For instance, for your internet based or on-line volunteers you can send a pre-start email, a welcome card or email and pt their picture on the website as the newest recruit. Just start using your imagination to adapt these ideas and welcome them aboard.

10. Everyone Will Benefit

But do not stop just with your volunteers. A powerful first impression will have a lasting effect on all new employees too. So adopt these ideas with paid staff too. You do only get one chance to make a wonderful first impression so make it count.

Greater Success In Volunteer Management And Recruitment

So use these 10 tips and you will always make a great first impression. This will ensure even greater volunteer recruitment success for you in volunteer management.